Club Layouts of Coventry Model Railway Club

The club has several layouts in the clubroom.

All the following are DC (analogue) controlled

  • Trowbridge – OO Gauge – a depiction of Trowbridge station in 1930’s GWR steam days
  • Gosford Green – OO Gauge – a modern image diesel era layout set in the fictitious Gosford Green Station (also optionally DCC)
  • Broadgate – N Gauge – A fictitious layout taking its name from Broadgate in Coventry  
  • Melison Bridge – OO Gauge – a Wisbech & Upwell tram style layout (Arduino controlled)

The following are DCC controlled

  • MERG Electronics demo – n gauge – a demonstration of an electronic control system
  • Mudular Layout System – n gauge – with 3 boards operational and several more planned
  • Gosford – 009 layout

The last 3 layouts allow control using JMRI a model railway control system.